Mission And Vision


To provide leadership training for each person to develop their talents and skills and achieve their full potential in his calling for more effective, genuine and adequate representation in the conditions and challenges of modern society.


See progress and growth leadership in organizations composed of mature and dedicated leadership


  • To motivate more people to discover and develop their God-given gifts
  • To offer practical training for anyone who wants to be a more effective leader
  • To build leaders among the people who have the gift and calling of leadership
  • To provide advice and overall strategy of the organization
  • To build a national network of leaders


  • Individual consultations and counseling
  • Training seminars and lectures
  • Motivational conferences
  • Information Assurance

Guiding Principles

  • Judeo-Christian moral values ​​as a priority
  • Teamwork
  • Partnership with other organizations who share our vision and mission

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