Activities , which will be realized the purpose of the Foundation.

Culture and Education

  • Organization of specialized educational programs , courses, conferences , seminars, discussions, etc. . according to the ideal goals of the Foundation .
  • Organization of educational and charitable events ( meetings , concerts , seminars , etc.). indoors and outdoors in different locations , to this end , where necessary recruit suitable premises .
  • Publication and distribution of periodicals and non editions with educational propaganda purpose , and video and audio cassettes, CDs , etc.
  • Organization of concert performances , exhibitions , festivals and other cultural events related to the objectives of the Foundation.

Projects – management and participation

  • Preparing own projects to realize the objectives of the Foundation, creating conditions for their resourcing and organization of implementation alone and / or with co-partners and subcontractors.
  • Participation in and/or financing projects of other organizations , which are in line with the objectives of the Foundation.
  • Participation in projects of other organizations / donors / to raise the necessary funds for the Foundation’s activities and achieve the objectives in.

Administration and Organization

  • Administrative and financial management of the Foundation, networking and interaction with government agencies, community organizations, companies , etc. as well as with similar organizations at home and abroad.
  • Rendering assistance to Bulgarian and foreign public and private institutions , and community organizations such as churches, academic institutions, centers, universities, schools and citizens in their activities related to the objectives of the Foundation.
  • Construction and maintenance of a website for the purpose and activities of the Foundation
  • Organization and financing of other legal activities related to the objectives of the Foundation .

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